Greek Fraternities, Freemasons, The Boule and Skull and Bones Secret Societies- Part 2

Kappa Alpha Psi has Thoth (it’s the god of wisdom) in their rituals, and Zeta Psi Beta has the false cat god of Bastet (or the Devouring lady).

Again, AKA was the first of the black sororities. Their coat of arms have the Greek mythological Titan Atlas holding up the world.

The Bible on the other hand says that the Earth is of the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. Also, Job 26:7 says that God holds the Earth on nothing. Altas hence represents the lies that the ancient Greeks believed in. They (or the AKAs) are quoted as saying: “…To thee O Alpha Kappa Alpha! We pledge our hearts, our minds our strength. To foster their teachings, obey thy Laws and make thee supreme in service to all mankind” (from pg. 39 of their ritual book).
Some of these groups knell on shrines to false god.

For example, pg. 14 of the ritual book of Kappa Alpha Psi says that: “…The Altar of Kappa Alpha Psi, which is the sacred Delphic Shrine, shall be placed in the center of the room and covered with a crimson and crown coverlet.” The Delphic Shrine was used as the shrine of the false god of Apollo (in the Greek polytheistic religion). They want to bow to the altar.

Sigma Gamma Rho refers to Ma’at as its inspiration. Omega Psi Phi is associated with Anubis. Anubis is the Egyptian mythological false god with a head of a jackal. He relates to the embalming of those who are dead. Anubis was involved with the Underworld in Egyptian mythology. There are other groups like this. In Greek culture, there are Greek elephants. Ironically, Delta Sigma Theta offers elephant shaped key chains.

There is a dog key chain offered for Omega Psi Phi.

Delta Sigma Theta’s Grand Chapter, Candidate Syllabus from 1990 on pg. 130 outline that: “…Our founders were well aware of the need to transfuse the ideals of Greek moral virtues with the later concepts of brotherhood and love…”

The Bible in Exodus 20:1-5 forbids having other gods before me, have graven images, and you can’t bow down to them. Therefore, these GLOs should never embrace false gods at all, especially as mascots for their organizations. The Deltas have this quote: “Question: What is the ultimate goal, then? Answer: Wisdom! The college educated woman seeks to become wise rather than smart. That is why MINERVA, the Goddess of Wisdom, is our Sorority mentor.” (DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY, INC., GRAND CHAPTER, MEMBERSHIP INTAKE PROGRAM, 1987, p. 106.). Minerva is a false goddess and isn’t to be praised at all.

Minerva is the Roman goddess. The Greek version of Minerva is called Athena. Celebrations and altars were utilized for this false goddess. The Delta Sigma Sorority Crest or Coat of Arms was designed by Soror F. Ailene Marks and Soror Jeanette Tripplet Jones (both are of the Lambda). It was authorized by the 1934 executive committee. The sword to them means truth and the staff is representative of leadership. The laurel is a symbol of achievement as used by the Greeks. NPHC (or the
National Pan-Hellenic Council, Inc.) is one umbrella group of 9 African American Greek fraternities and sororities internationally. So, I wouldn’t be involved in the hazing filled, false gods embracing GLOs at all. There are tattoos and bands in these groups as well. We are tattooed by God’s Spirit if we are real believers in God. We don’t need to have man-made tattoos in our flesh (1 Cor. 3:16-17, Lev. 19:28, 2 Cor. 5:17, and Matthew 22:37-38).

Ex-Sorority member (of Sigma Gamma Rho) and Christian Helene Previl gave her story to another Christian named David Williams. Previl is an expert since she was apart of that fraternal culture in college. Helene was apart of Florida International University.

Sigma Gamma Rho was created by 7 female school teachers. from November 12, 1922. They were from Indianapolis, Indiana. Of course, ΣΓΡ claims to be all about public service, a non-profit group, and they want to improve the quality of life inside of many communities. Each new members of ΣΓΡ must know of their history as well. Previl was once a leader in the ΣΓΡ. Helene Previl defined a sorority or fraternity as an organized group that is composed of pagan beliefs plus rituals. Their purpose is to prepare young individuals to continue on the legacy of secret societies via brainwashing and subliminal mind control. That’s an accurate definition since GLOs are typically about dealing with the involvement of brainwashing young folks to embrace too much conformity.

Much brainwashing is involved in such organizations. She (or Helene) pledged in the sorority. A pledge is a person who has been accepted for membership in a fraternity (or similar group) and has promised to join, but this person hasn’t been initiated yet. She even went into National Boule conferences. A Boule is a legislative council of advisors. Boule comes from the advisors to ancient Greek kings. Helene watched pagan Haitian voodoo rituals. Now, Helene said that she saw rituals performed as a soror that were similar to those done in the practice of voodoo. Voodoo is a powerful form of witchcraft. Most GLOs have oaths of secrecy that candidates do before they receive full entry (This is similar to Freemasonry definitely with their secret death oaths). Helene said that she was required to repeat their oath constantly. She said that those wearing a ΣΓΡ shirt who isn’t a member can be sued (since it’s a trademarked image).


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